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Paul Cluver Chardonnay 2016

Light toasted brioche on the nose with some citrus aspects and winter melon notes. Tangerine fruit and citrus blossom fragrances are apparent, with hints of vanilla pod and almond flakes. These characteristics follow through onto the palate. The fine, fresh acidity is natural, and adds poise and focus to the wine.
100% Chardonnay
Alc: 13.8  RS: 2.23  pH: 3.24  TA: 7.4
White • Dry • Medium • Mineral •
pFish, poultry, pork and game bird dishes work well with this wine. It works particularly well with creamy pastas and salmon dishes. The good acidity and balance between wood and fruit keeps the wine from being overly rich and consequently great without food too. Mussel soup is a perfect match./p

R 1750 for 6 bottles

R292 per bottle
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Paul Cluver 'Close Encounter' Riesling 2016

Wonderfully fragrant – concentrated fruit and floral notes. Lots of mango, orange and frangipangi with sweet melon and pineapple freshness. Lovely lime and lemongrass finish.
100% Riesling
Alc: 9.07  RS: 35.7  pH: 3.4  TA: 8.0
White • Sweet • Medium • Fruity •
Quite a versatile wine and a welcome alternative for the Sauvignon blanc- and Chardonnay- weary palates. Works well with spicy food and is great with sushi. Carpaccio and beef tartar are interesting partners too.

R 745 for 6 bottles

R124 per bottle
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Paul Cluver Estate Pinot Noir 2017

This wine has a lovely luminosity – the colour is bright crimson. The nose has delicate earthy aromas combined with red and dark berry flavours. On the palate these characteristics follow through combining with interesting savoury notes and just a touch of oak on the finish
100% Pinot Noir
Alc: 13.66  RS: 2.0  pH: 3.52  TA: 5.2
Red • Dry • Medium • Mineral •
The natural acidity makes it a perfect partner with a diversity of dishes. Game fish, game birds and venison work very well, as does grilled beef and strong, hard cheese.

R 1752 for 6 bottles

R292 per bottle
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Paul Cluver Riesling Noble Late Harvest 2017

A very expressive nose, with apricot and pineapple aromas dominating. Soft cardamom pod fragrances and orange blossom are noticeable too. All these characteristics follow through onto the luscious, creamy palate which finishes clean.
100% Riesling
Alc: 10.5  RS: 137.7  pH: 3.35  TA: 8.1
Dessert • Sweet • Medium • Fruity •
Great with desserts, but also great as a dessert on its own. Works well with cheese and is excellent with foie gras.

R 2090 for 6 bottles

R348 per bottle
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Paul Cluver Sauvignon Blanc 2017

The colour is clear and bright, with a hint of green. The nose is clean and fresh with expressive granadilla, grape fruit, gooseberry and black currant characteristics. These flavours follow through onto the palate which has a lovely creamy texture – the result of extended lees contact and the higher Semillon portion.
88% Sauvignon Blanc, 12% Semillon
Alc: 13.5  RS: 4.2  pH: 3.28  TA: 6.8
White • Dry • Fruity •

R 760 for 6 bottles

R127 per bottle
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Paul Cluver Village Pinot Noir 2016

Beautiful aromas of red fruits intermingle with roasted spices followed by a delicious, elegant silky palate of poached ripe plums resulting in medium bodied wine with soft edges. Crafted for drinking now, it has the structure and fruit to be enjoyed for two years and beyond.
100% Pinot Noir
Alc: 13.37  RS: 1.9  pH: 3.46  TA: 5.7
Red • Dry • Medium •
pServe with rosemary and mustard infused lamb. Asian style fish dishes or vegetarian lentil burgers./p

R 800 for 6 bottles

R133 per bottle
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