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A unique Sauvignon blanc that cannot be compared to any other. Powerful concentrated layers of green figs and gooseberries, with a touch of grapefruit, fynbos and a steely minerality on the palate. A reflection of the cool maritime climate of Elim where the grapes are sourced.
100% Sauvignon Blanc
Alc: 13.8  RS: 2.5  pH: 3.50  TA: 6.6
White • Dry • Full • Fruity •
This wine can stand its own against any great seafood or poultry dishes.

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Colour: Light straw with a green tint.Bouquet: Roasted almonds, dried peach and touches of fynbosTaste: Crisp flintiness, white pear, citrus and mineral notes. Toasted nuts balanced with creaminess ending in a lingering aftertaste.
100% Chardonnay
Alc: 13.61  RS: 2.6  pH: 3.23  TA: 5.8
White • Dry • Full • Fruity •
Enjoy on its own or with fish, white meats and salads.

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Colour: Ruby red with dark edgesbouquet: An abundance of berry fruits such as dark cherries and strawberries, with hints of spice and a gentle oaky undertone.Palate: A medium-to full-bodied wine with sweet, juicy red fruit, integrated oak flavours and velvety tannins.
Shiraz/ Pinotage
Alc: 14.22  RS: 6.58  pH: 3.67  TA: 5.18
Red • Dry • Medium •
 Excellent served with Mediterranean meat dishes such as spicy lamb, souvlaki, kebabs or traditional roasts, oxtail and barbecued steaks.

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This vibrant Shiraz shows prominent fruit sweetness with aromas of cherry, raspberry and dried herbs. Undertones of cedar and dark chocolate are accompanied by a juicy and dimensional mid-palate with a well-integrated tannin structure and an elegant, lingering finish.
100% Shiraz
Alc: 14.30  RS: 3.5  pH: 3.46  TA: 5.79
Red • Dry • Medium • Fragrant •
Enjoy this wine with red meat dishes, grilled chicken or a variety of hard cheeses.

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The wine has intense fruit and honey with a hint of wood spice on the nose, including pineapple, guava and citrus. On the palate it is rich and full bodied with good balance and a long finish.
100% Chenin Blanc
Alc: 14.6  RS: 4.4  pH: 3.73  TA: 5.7
White • Dry • Full • Fruity •

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A vibrant red berry and strawberry flavour bursts forth with lively and delicate bubbles. The richly textured flavours of Pinot Noir combined with the elegant structure of Chardonnay and the uniqueness of Pinotage ensure a complex flavor profile. This MCC Rosé is bursting with red berry flavours and has a long finish.
Pinot Noir
Alc: 12.23  RS: 7.88  pH: 3.16  TA: 6.34
Rose •
Smoked salmon trout, strawberries, Sashimi, fruit based desserts, dark chocolate.

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