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Avondale Cyclus 2015

With a soft, rich nose of violets and peach, and just a hint of frangipani, Cyclus holds all the promise of a quality White Blend. This is carried through to the palate where the intense flavours of pear, golden apple, spicy apricot and hints of clementine are rounded off with a beautiful minerality and ends in a creamy, long-structured
32.5% Roussanne, 30% Viognier, 12.5% Chenin Blanc, 12.5% Chardonnay and 12.5% Semillon
Alc: 13.5  RS: 4.4  pH: 3.43  TA: 4.8
White • Dry • Full • Mineral •

R 2060 for 6 bottles

R343 per bottle
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Backsberg Pinneau 2017

One can expect notes of pure raisin and oak spices on the nose, with a delightful and lingering sweetness on the palate.
75% Roussanne and Gewürztraminer, 25% Sydney Back Brandy
Alc: 18.82  RS: 141.80  pH: 3.30  TA: 4.1
White • Sweet • Medium • Fragrant •
As an aperitif before or after dinner.

R 935 for 6 bottles

R156 per bottle
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Org De Rac Le Piquet Blanc 2017

This eloquent blend rewards with the finest attributes of its three components. Tempting aromas of ripe stone fruit follow through on the palate where crisp minerality and lingering citrus flavours add to the fresh, lively appeal.
44% Roussanne , Verdelho 37%, 22% Chenin Blanc
Alc: 12.49  RS: 1.2  pH: 3.27  TA: 5.5  SO2: 94  FSO2: 30
White • Dry •
A perfect companion to an array of seafood dishes and salads.

R 473 for 6 bottles

R79 per bottle
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Org de Rac Roussanne 2018

Light yellow with a bright green tinge. Quince, honeysuckle, almond and a touch of lemon ginger.Ripe and dense on the palate, yet with fresh, juicy citrus mingling with herbal and floral elements and lingering, crisp lemon.
100% Roussanne
Alc: 13.31  RS: 1.6  pH: 3.28  TA: 6.0
White • Dry • Light • Fruity •
Poultry and shellfish dishes, salad nicoise.

R 537 for 6 bottles

R90 per bottle
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Painted Wolf Paarl Roussanne 2015

A medium bodied wine with citrus, white peach and creamy aromas. The wine has a lovely texture with a long finish and fresh acid keeping it vivacious and vibrant.
100% Roussanne
Alc: 13.24  RS: 3.5  pH: 3.30  TA: 6.4
White • Medium •
The wine has lovely texture and some complexity. Serve with smoked snoek pate with apricot relish or with a salad of roasted red peppers, Dalewood Huguenot cheese and rocket with anchovy vinaigrette, or salmon ravioli with salsa verde. Roast duck with honey, lavender and thyme would be seriously delicious with the wine too.

R 900 for 6 bottles

R150 per bottle
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