Orange River Cellars Red Muscadel

This orange-red hue colored wine has intense beeswax-like muscadel aromas, that combine with rich raisin fruit. The aromas are confirmed with a rich long aftertaste.
Red Muscadel
 Alc: 15.89  RS: 207.4  pH: 3.63  TA: 5.5
Fortified • Sweet • Fruity •
This wine can be savored on it’s own, but is also a great companion to all cheeses and rich pasta dishes.

R 657 for 6 bottles

R110 per bottle
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Spier Creative Block 3 2016

Subtle perfumed notes of violets, pomegranate and mulberry, followed by spicy flavours of black pepper and coriander. A silky, rich mid-pallet complemented with concentration of fruit and dense, silky tannins.
93% Shiraz, 4% Mourvèdre, 3% Viognier
 Alc: 14.72  RS: 4.4  pH: 3.50  TA: 5.9
Red •
Serve with smoked pork belly or mildly spicy vegetable based Indian style curry.

R 1290 for 6 bottles

R215 per bottle
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Painted Wolf Swartland Syrah 2017

A rich harmonious medium to full bodied wine with juicy dark berry fruit, savoury smoked ham, all spice and aromatic wood aromas. The wine has a coating mid palate and a long finish. The acid is bright, and the tannins are ripe and present.
100% Syrah
 Alc: 13.76  RS: 2.8  pH: 3.51  TA: 5.7
Red • Dry • Full • Fruity •
A savoury and spicy wine which is great with French country dishes such as Cassoulet or a Beef Daube Provencal. It is also delicious with grilled regional sausages like Toulouse sausages. Amazing with simply prepared dry-aged rump or ribeye steak, seasoned with a little sea salt and crushed black pepper, served with a few sautéed mushrooms, ideally cepes or porcinis and ...

R 1429 for 6 bottles

R238 per bottle
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Jordan The Real McCoy Riesling 2018

The German clone grapes were vinified and once the perfect balance between sugar and acidity was reached, the fermentation was stopped to retain a hint of natural fruit sugars. Intense flavours of lime through to white peach and Granny Smith apple. A superb accompaniment to the lighter spectrum of Asian cuisine.
100% Weisser Riesling
 Alc: 12.57  RS: 8.2  pH: 3.09  TA: 7.2
White • Off Dry • Light • Fruity •
Ideal with Thai curries, chilli prawns, seafood curries or sushi

R 955 for 6 bottles

R159 per bottle
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Avontuur Sarabande Sauvignon Blanc Reserve 2017

Aroma: White pear and ripe peach with citrus peel on the nose.Flavour: A rich full-bodied wine with interesting minerality from the maritime influence of the terroir. Complexity is added by the wood treatment which bodes well for longevity.
100% Sauvignon Blanc
 Alc: 13.5  RS: 2.0  pH: 3.34  TA: 5.4
White • Dry • Full • Fruity •
Perfect with fresh shellfish like oysters or mussels, grilled Fish, chicken or a cheese board.

R 1342 for 6 bottles

R224 per bottle
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