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Christoffel Hazenwinkel The Blanc De Noir 2019

Colour: Pale SalmonAroma: Elegant aromas of freshly picked strawberries, raspberries and nectarines. This fruit forward nose is accompanied by floral notes of rose petal and citrus blossom.Palate: The palate is delicate with a medium acidity. The berry follows through on the palate, with a distinctive creamy finish.
100% Shiraz
Alc: 13  RS: 2.6  pH: 3.41  TA: 5.5
Rose •
Thai curries, salmon or trout dishes, summer salads or goat’s cheese.

R 877 for 6 bottles

R146 per bottle
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Christoffel Hazenwinkel The Red 2018

Colour : Dark rubyAroma : The nose is complex, with ample aromas of plum, blackcurrant, bramble and black cherry. Subtle hints of cloves & lavender are accompanied by black pepper and dark chocolate. Palate : The tannins are well integrated, fine and textured. Dark berries with a hint of spice envelope the palate, together with a rich and delectable rounded finish.
46% Shiraz, 40% Pinotage, 14% Cabernet Sauvignon
Alc: 13.3  RS: 4.4  pH: 3.55  TA: 5.4
Red •
Pasta, pizza, lamb chops, steak, cheese selection

R 877 for 6 bottles

R146 per bottle
you can adjust quantities later

Christoffel Hazenwinkel The White 2018

34% Chenin Blanc, 29% Sémillon, 25% Sauvignon Blanc, 12% Chardonnay
Alc: 13  RS: 3.9  pH: 3.3  TA: 5.9
White • Dry •
Seafood, summer salads and soft white cheeses, such as brie.

R 877 for 6 bottles

R146 per bottle
you can adjust quantities later

Hazendal Chardonnay 2018

Colour : LemonAroma : The nose is complex, yet subtle and refined. Nuances of green apple, Cape gooseberry and apricot are supported by subtle hints of fennel, almond and honey.Palate : A medium-bodied wine with a refreshing acidity. The fine and creamy texture ensures an enduring and clean finish, while the apricot and almond follow through on the palate.
100% Chardonnay
Alc: 13.28  RS: 2.8  pH: 3.49  TA: 5.4
White • Dry •
Crispy roasted chicken on wild mushroom risotto.

R 1887 for 6 bottles

R314 per bottle
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Hazendal Chenin Blanc 2017

Colour : LemonAroma : Prominent bursts of apricot and lemon, accompanied by spicy notes of ginger and nutmeg, followed by buttery toast and whiffs of macadamia nut.Palate : A rich and ripe style of Chenin Blanc with hints of apricot, nectarine and lemon. The finish is long and elegant, with a delicate and creamy texture.
100% Chenin Blanc
Alc: 14.37  RS: 5  pH: 3.3  TA: 5.9
White • Dry •
Crackling pork belly with a nectarine chutney on creamed mashed potatoes.

R 1872 for 6 bottles

R312 per bottle
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Hazendal Pinot Noir 2017

Colour: Lemon.Aroma: Juicy plum & raspberry with floral notes of violets & hibiscus greet the senses. Earthy notes of mushroom and pencil shavings linger. Palate: The palate is met with fresh red berry notes that follow through from the nose, savouring with a smokey undertone. The tannins are fine and elegant, and the palate has a wonderful lingering presence
100% Pinot Noir
Alc: 13.71  RS: 1.7  pH: 3.65  TA: 5
Red • Dry • Fruity •
Mushroom risotto with crispy duck breast.

R 2921 for 6 bottles

R487 per bottle
you can adjust quantities later

Hazendal Pinotage 2017

Colour: Dark ruby.Aroma:  Prominent red fruit aromas of plum and cherry welcome the nose, while seductive smoky notes and dark truffle entice the senses. Palate: This medium bodied wine is well structured and the flavours are measured. The fruit and oak components are married seamlessly. Luscious red fruit follows on the palate, with an enduring finish.
100% Pinotage
Alc: 13.18  RS: 3  pH: 3.5  TA: 5.5
Red • Dry •
Fire-grilled venison meats such as springbok or kudu loin, served with a rich butter jus.

R 2488 for 6 bottles

R415 per bottle
you can adjust quantities later

Hazendal Roussanne 2018

Colour: Pale strawAroma: This intriguing wine greets the nose with floral notes of violet and citrus blossom, supported by fruity bursts of gooseberry and Turkish apricots. Hints of beeswax and brioche envelope the nose.Palate: The palate is delicate, creamy and refined. The fruit components of the wine are pronounced upon the first sip, yet develop and evolve into a creamy melange ...
100% Roussanne
Alc: 13.46  RS: 2.3  pH: 3.39  TA: 5.9
White • Dry •
Rich and buttery meats like West Coast rock lobster, foie gras, or chicken liver pâté. Spicy flavours will also pair well with this versatile food partner

R 2226 for 6 bottles

R371 per bottle
you can adjust quantities later

Hazendal Sémillon / Sauvignon Blanc 2017

Colour : Lemon greenAroma : The predominance of the Sémillon in this blend opens with floral notes - honeysuckle, citrus blossom and violets, while elegant fruity notes of white pear and green apple follow. The Sauvignon Blanc component enhances the blend with aromas of freshly cut grass, grapefruit, guava and Cape Gooseberry.Palate : White pear and citrus notes follow through ...
70% Sémillon; 30% Sauvignon Blanc
Alc: 13.5  RS: 3.3  pH: 3.29  TA: 5.1
White •
West Coast mussels in a creamy white wine sauce.

R 1938 for 6 bottles

R323 per bottle
you can adjust quantities later

Hazendal Syrah 2017

Colour: Dark Ruby.Aroma: Juicy dark berry aromas of blueberry & mulberry are met with spicy notes of white pepper and white truffle. The nose is rich and meaty with subtle notes of smoked Parma ham Palate: The palate is fruit forward with lingering spice complementing the elegant textured finish.
100% Shiraz
Alc: 13.88  RS: 3.46  pH: 3.46  TA: 5.9
Red • Dry •
Grilled lamb loin with garlic new potatoes.

R 2605 for 6 bottles

R434 per bottle
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