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De Wetshof Edeloes 2006 (500ml)

Amber in colour and a jewel-like in the mouth, this rich naturally sweet wine offers wine lovers an ethereal drinking experience. A rich aroma of botrytis, apricot and tea leads to an intense and nectar-like palate, with the natural acidity providing a clean, fresh finish.
100% Rhine Riesling
Alc: 10.0  RS: 113.8  pH: 3.19  TA: 8.7  SO2: 130  FSO2: 14
Dessert • Sweet •
This wine can be enjoyed with cheese and desserts.

R 3670 for 6 bottles

R612 per bottle
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De Wetshof Riesling 2017

The De Wetshof Estate Riesling is crisp and delicate. The nose and palate are abundantly complex with a typically spicy deep fruity flavour.
100% Riesling
Alc: 12.14  RS: 21.3  pH: 2.94  TA: 7.5  SO2: 137  FSO2: 39
White • Off Dry • Medium • Fruity •
The succulent palate structure makes this an ideal food wine, superb with oysters, barbecued meats, cream-based pasta dishes, light curries as well as roast pork and veal dishes. A complex fruit structure makes Riesling on of the few wines able to stand-up to spicy Oriental dishes.

R 1484 for 6 bottles

R247 per bottle
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Delheim Edelspatz Noble Late Harvest 2019

This award winning dessert wine has a golden straw colour with a youthful green tint hue. On the nose aromas of apricot, honey, peaches with undertones of orange blossoms and delicious kumquat, comes to mind. On the palate, avours of the above mentioned fruit come to the fore and is complimented by a vibrant acidity.
100% Weisser Riesling
Alc: 11.65  RS: 158.2  pH: 3.50  TA: 5.68
Dessert • Sweet • Medium • Fragrant •

R 2280 for 6 bottles

R380 per bottle
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Groote Post Riesling 2020

This vintage displays stone fruit and jasmine fragrances on the nose. The wine has a lingering acidity that is well balanced by the natural residual sugar on the palate.
100% Weisser Riesling
Alc: 13.0  RS: 6.7  pH: 3.11  TA: 6.0
White • Off Dry • Medium • Fruity •

R 774 for 6 bottles

R129 per bottle
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Jordan The Real McCoy Riesling 2020

The German clone grapes were vinified and once the perfect balance between sugar and acidity was reached, the fermentation was stopped to retain a hint of natural fruit sugars. Intense flavours of lime through to white peach and Granny Smith apple. A superb accompaniment to the lighter spectrum of Asian cuisine.
100% Weisser Riesling
Alc: 12.5  RS: 7.6  pH: 2.88  TA: 7.6
White • Off Dry • Light • Fruity •
Ideal with Thai curries, chilli prawns, seafood curries or sushi.

R 968 for 6 bottles

R161 per bottle
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Neethlingshof The Maria Noble Late Harvest 2019

Colour: Golden yellow. Bouquet: Fruit cake, dried apricot, honey and peach aromas. Taste: Concentrated fruit cake with honey and marmalade.
100% Weisser Riesling
Alc: 10.51  RS: 140.5  pH: 3.45  TA: 9.6
Dessert • Sweet • Light • Fruity •
Excellent served on its own or with strong cheeses, fig preserve and nuts.

R 1287 for 6 bottles

R214 per bottle
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