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Boplaas Cape Ruby NV

Bright red-purple coloured wine with crimson tinge at the rim; while the bouquet abounds with ripe plum, black hedgerow fruits, kirsch, sweet apricot, subtle spice and hints of fynbos. The palate is full of sweet plum, kirsch, prune and black berry flavors intermingled with mulling spices and smooth tannins. This wine exhibits a deft balance between ripe fruit flavors, supple tannins, ...
70% Tinta Barocca, 20% Touriga Nacional, 10% Souzão
Alc: 17.2  RS: 88.4  pH: 3.89  TA: 5.5
Fortified • Sweet • Medium • Fruity •
Serve as an aperitif, digestive or partner to decadent desserts or with mature cheeses, char-cuterie, venison, mildly spice Indian and Cape Malay cuisine, roast lamb, dark chocolates.

R 663 for 6 bottles

R110 per bottle
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Boplaas Cape Tawny Port NV

A fiery red-brown, tawny-coloured wine with flecks of olive green on the rim. The bouquet unfurls with walnut, roasted almond, honey, caramel, a melange of spices, citrus, warming brandy and charred oak notes that typify Tawny. A lusciously smooth, mouth-watering palate of brandied fruits, roasted nuts, honey, caramel toffee, warm spices and hints of citrus, tantalize the taste ...
85% Tinta Barocca, 12% Touriga Nacional, 3% Souzão
Alc: 18,73  RS: 90  pH: 3,7  TA: 5,5
Fortified • Sweet • Medium • Fruity •
A versatile food-friendly fortified wine the Boplaas Cape Tawny can be served with a host of tapas, roast duck with citrus glaze, sirloin steak with café de Paris sauce, comforting Cantonese cuisines, as an aperitif with canapés, pates and roast nuts, or as a partner to decadent desserts or a selection of mature cheeses. Alternatively, serve as digestive or as a mixer ...

R 1216 for 6 bottles

R203 per bottle
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Boplaas Tinta Barocca 2019

This aromatic medium bodied wine with its combination of ripe plum, mulberries, juicy raspberry jam, bright spice and tell-tale undercurrent of cocoa powder typical of Tinta, all wrapped in soft tannins.
100% Tinta Barocca
Alc: 15.0  RS: 2.7  pH: 3.67  TA: 5.4
Red • Dry • Medium • Fruity •
Make an ideal aperitif or partner to rustic country fare - grilled red meats, venison dishes, warming casseroles or even a Sunday roast chicken; grilled peri-peri chicken, beef Espetada or causal al fresco dining with fine friends and good cheese.

R 624 for 6 bottles

R104 per bottle
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Dornier Moordenaarskloof Tinta Barocca 2019

This is a full bodied and aromatic wine with hints of raspberry, mulberry and aromatic spices. On the pallet the wine is concentrated with richness and structure. The tannins are fine, ripe and creamy and in balance with the fruit. The wine has a long finish. This wine is a true reflection of Tinta Barocca from old vines in the Swartland.
100% Tinta Barocca
Alc: 14.5  RS: 4  pH: 3.66  TA: 6.1
Red • Dry • Full • Fragrant •
Moordenaarskloof Tinta Barocca is best paired with grilled, roasted and braised meat and game dishes.

R 1832 for 6 bottles

R305 per bottle
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Du Toitskloof Cape Ruby Port

Smoky prune aromas with whiffs of herb and spice.
Tinta Barocca, Souzao, Touriga Nacional
Alc: 18.0  RS: 93  pH: 3.55  TA: 4.95  SO2: 125
Fortified • Sweet • Full •
Enjoy after dinner. Also excellent with a selection of cheeses and fruit.

R 690 for 6 bottles

R115 per bottle
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Landskroon Cape Vintage 2020

A dark coloured fortified wine with beautiful aromas of spicy black prunes and tobacco. Rich and smooth with flavours of concentrated berries.
46% Tinta Barocca, 28% Tinta Amarela , 21% Touriga Nacional, 5% Souzão
Alc: 19.00  RS: 105.0  pH: 3.50  TA: 5.60  SO2: 84  FSO2: 14
Fortified • Sweet • Full • Fragrant •
Serve on its own or with matured cheese and fresh nuts after dinner.

R 229 for 1 bottle

R229 per bottle
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