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13 wines in list priced between R 0 and R 2000
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Badsberg Grape Juice 2018

A refreshing, non-alcoholic, sparkling grape juice made from superior Hanepoot grapes.
100% Muscat dAlexandrie
Alc: 0.0  RS: 0  pH: 0  TA: 0
White • Semi Sweet •

R 395 for 6 bottles

R66 per bottle
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Badsberg Hanepoot Jerepigo 2018

Colour: Golden.Nose: Full, ripe Muscat and raisins.Palate: Full Muscat flavours with a good balance between acid, sugar and alcohol.
100% Muscat d’Alexandrie
Alc: 15.18  RS: 202.8  pH: 3.21  TA: 5.1
Fortified • Sweet • Medium • Fruity •
Made from specially selected Hanepoot grapes, this wine is suited to desserts. It can also be enjoyed after. Try it on crushed ice with a piece of lemon as a thirst quencher.

R 586 for 6 bottles

R98 per bottle
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Badsberg Vin Doux 2018

Colour: White with greenish tint. Nose: Muscat, floral overtones. Palate: Crisp, fresh Muscat flavours with sweet after taste.
100% Hanepoot
Alc: 9.19  RS: 54.6  pH: 3.13
Sparkling • Sweet •

R 625 for 6 bottles

R104 per bottle
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Daschbosch Hanepoot 2015

Sweet dessert wine.
100% Muscat d'Alexandrie
Alc: 16.0  RS: 236.64  pH: 3.54  TA: 5.8
Dessert • Sticky • Medium • Fruity •
Serving: As an aperitif or with deserts

R 1697 for 6 bottles

R283 per bottle
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Du Toitskloof Hanepoot Jerepigo

Shimmering, brassy gold with lime-green specks. Concentrated mass of crystallised and citrus fruit, intriguing botrytis hints, turning to chocolate orange liqueur on a silky palate. Exceptionally long, fruity aftertaste.
100% Muscat d'Alexandrie
Alc: 15.6  RS: 210  pH: 3.42  TA: 4.8  SO2: 128
Fortified • Sweet • Fruity •
Ideal with all desserts especially ice cream, baked puddings or as an after-dinner drink.

R 592 for 6 bottles

R99 per bottle
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Kaapzicht Hanepoot Jerepigo 2016

Beautifully fragrant grape flavours fill the glass together with honeysuckle notes; unctuous and full sweet with luscious muscat and sultana flavours; sweetness well balanced with lively acidity for a harmonious finish; delicious fortified dessert wine.
100% Hanepoot Muscat d'Alexandrie
Alc: 17.35  RS: 220.4  pH: 3.56  TA: 4
Fortified • Sweet • Full •
To enjoy chilled with apple and almond tart or a fresh fruit platter. 

R 710 for 6 bottles

R118 per bottle
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KWV Classic Collection Moscato 2019

This aromatic wine exudes floral, pineapple and peach aromas with an abundance of Muscat and hints of litchi that follow through on the palate. The flavours are concentrated with a sweet, complex aftertaste.
100% Muscat dAlexandrie
Alc: 12.95  RS: 26  pH: 3.43  TA: 5.31
White • Sweet • Light • Fruity •
Enjoy with fish, fruit salads or Asian fare (Thai, Szechuan, Korean).

R 520 for 6 bottles

R87 per bottle
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KWV Classic Collection Red Muscadel

With an attractive light amber colour and red tint, this wine is bursting with fresh red berries, Muscadel flavours and hints of caramel. The wine is fresh, fruity and well balanced.
100% Muscadel
Alc: 17.37  RS: 178.25  pH: 3.31  TA: 5.03
Dessert • Sweet • Fruity •
Enjoy all year round lightly chilled or over crushed ice.

R 801 for 6 bottles

R134 per bottle
you can adjust quantities later

Muratie Amber Forever 2016

‘Heady, sweet and luscious’ are all words which spring to mind when first coming into contact with this wine. Aromas of sweet sun-ripened grapes, musk perfume, rose petals and hints of litchis give way to a gently-sweet mouthful of golden raisins, fynbos honey, exotic earthy notes all offset by a crisp acidity which keeps the sweetness in check. Wonderful balance of ...
100% Muscat d'Alexandrie
Alc: 16.32  RS: 103.4  pH: 3.58  TA: 5.2
Fortified • Sweet • Light • Fruity •
A sure-fire winner with salty blue cheeses or a Poire Belle Helene.

R 1117 for 6 bottles

R186 per bottle
you can adjust quantities later

Orange River Cellars Hanepoot Muscat d' Alexandrie

This wine billows muscat aromas with honey and raisins. The palate is fruity, with subtle touches of pineapple and orange peels.
Muscat d'Alexandrie
Alc: 15.84%  RS: 189.1  pH: 3.57  TA: 5.1
Fortified • Sweet •
 It has a long lingering after taste, and goes well with spicy dishes and sweet desserts.

R 657 for 6 bottles

R110 per bottle
you can adjust quantities later

Pearly Bay Celebration White NV

Every occasion is a celebration. This semi-sweet sparkling wine from the Cape Winelands has an attractive floral, muscat nose with hints of honey and tropical notes. Delicious at any time of the day or night.
100% Muscat d'Alexandrie
Alc: 8.0  RS: 76
Sparkling • Semi Sweet •
Can be enjoyed as an aperitif or with alfresco meals. Serve chilled.

R 870 for 12 bottles

R72 per bottle
you can adjust quantities later

Peter Falke Muscat d'Alexandrie NV

Light Amber. Aromas of orange blossom with deeper notes of jasmine and rose. On the palate, apricot flavours with a beautiful lingering aftertaste.
100% Muscat d’Alexandrie
Alc: 17.50  RS: 187.0  pH: 3.26  TA: 5.2
Fortified • Sweet • Fragrant •
Serve as a apéritif or as a sweet wine after dinner. Enjoyed on its own our paired with a selection of cheeses. Serving Temp: 5 - 7

R 3315 for 12 bottles

R276 per bottle
you can adjust quantities later

Waterford Heatherleigh NV

Dried apricot and candies citrus primary aromas on nose with a hint of Muscat and vanilla as secondary aromas. Complex flavour profile with a distinct elegance and a drier finish than most "stickies". Great mouth-feel when served well chilled.
Muscat Alexandrie, Semillion
Alc: 13  RS: 90  pH: 3.7  TA: 6.5  SO2: 180  FSO2: 40
Dessert • Sweet • Medium • Fragrant •

R 1710 for 6 bottles

R285 per bottle
you can adjust quantities later
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