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Avondale Camissa 2018

A blend of three flavourful varieties, Camissa arrests the nose with rose petals, scented pelargonium and fresh red fruits of the earth. Hints of Turkish Delight and lemon zest attest to the perfect acidity of this wine, for Camissa may appear sweet but it finishes completely dry.
55% Grenache, 30% Mourvedre, 15% Muscat de Frontignan
Alc: 13  RS: 2.4  pH: 3.24  TA: 5.4
White • Dry • Full • Fragrant •

R 1355 for 6 bottles

R226 per bottle
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Backsberg Rosé 2019

Subtle flavours of pink candy-floss, fresh strawberry and rich cream are carried through from nose to palate. A gentle balance between fruit and well integrated acidity yields an elegant, restrained and feminine wine.
Grenache, Mourvedre, Sangiovese
Alc: 12.66  RS: 15.9  pH: 3.38  TA: 6.1
Rose • Semi Sweet • Light • Fruity •
Enjoy chilled with cheese, cold meats,poultry and pasta; or just solo.

R 398 for 6 bottles

R66 per bottle
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Cavalli Passions Range - Pink Pony 2018

A fragrant Grenache Rose that has the power and vibrancy to hold up to being served cold. Summer Fruits on the nose leading into the dry, full bodied style of the pallet, with highlights of a juicy red currant, raspberry and honeysuckle mid-palate. Made in a Provence style.
100% Grenache
Alc: 13.08  RS: 1.07  pH: 3.08  TA: 5.82
Rose • Dry •

R 547 for 6 bottles

R91 per bottle
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Darling Cellars MCC Brut Rose 2016

This Brut Rosé has a salmon pink colour with an elegant nose. The nose shows a fruity bouquet of red berries, guava, watermelon, pomegranate and candy floss. The palate has a fresh acidity that results in a clean dry finish.
100% Grenache
Alc: 12.6  RS: 8.3  pH: 3.2  TA: 7.1  SO2: 20  FSO2: 80
Cap_Classique • Dry • Fruity •
This stylish MCC will complement any occasion. Definitely wines to look out for, as they are only available from the cellar door and at selected outlets.

R 818 for 6 bottles

R136 per bottle
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Diemersfontein Rose 2018

A pale peach colour with soft tones of raspberry, strawberry and candy floss. The delicate and smooth berry flavours follow through to the palate with a medium body and a lingering dry finish.
100% Grenache Nior
Alc: 13  RS: 1.5  pH: 3.18  TA: 6.08
Rose • Dry • Medium •
This Rosé goes brilliantly with all sorts of food. Its ample body and wonderful aroma make it a notable and exciting combination. It’s fantastic with sushi, but also try it with Camembert and Brie, Paella or Grilled chicken.

R 519 for 6 bottles

R86 per bottle
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Ken Forrester Petit Rosé 2018

This very elegant Rosé overwhelms the nose with aromas of freshly picked strawberries, rose petal and cherry flavours. It follows through on the palate with delicious ripe raspberries with a delicate finish.
Grenache / Viognier
Alc: 12.0  RS: 3.8  pH: 3.8  TA: 5.9
Rose • Dry • Fruity •
Serve with all light summertime meals.

R 450 for 6 bottles

R75 per bottle
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Neil Ellis Piekenierskloof Grenache 2015

The 2015 vintage contributed to a deeper colour than usual. The wine has dark cherries with perfumed floral aromas which flows on to the palate. The palate has a lovely freshness, great length, richness and fine grippy tannins.
100% Grenache
Alc: 14.0  RS: 1.82  pH: 3.57  TA: 5.54
Red • Dry • Medium • Fragrant •

R 2136 for 6 bottles

R356 per bottle
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Oldenburg Grenache Noir 2017

The brick red colour of the Grenache is well matched by ripe plum perfumes. A savoury note adds to the allure. On the palate the wine is succulent, supple and round. The bright fruit endures to the finish and creates a persistent aftertaste.
100% Grenache
Alc: 13.80  RS: 3.5  pH: 3.56  TA: 5.5  SO2: 75
Red • Dry •

R 1547 for 6 bottles

R258 per bottle
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Painted Wolf Lycaon Swartland Grenache 2013

A lovely rich mélange of sweet and crunchy red berry fruit, subtle pepper spice flavours, and aromas harmonized with sweet oak. This is a very elegant wine with a gorgeous silky palate with a fresh bright finish.
95% Grenache, 5% Shiraz
Alc: 13.45  RS: 2.5  pH: 3.39  TA: 6
Red •
This wine should be served slightly chilled with French country bistro cuisine such as warm sausage and potato salad, chicken braised with fennel, saffron and green olives or lamb chops with ratatouille and tapenade.

R 1270 for 6 bottles

R212 per bottle
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Painted Wolf Pictus V, 2016

An elegant, rich wine with a broad mouthfeel and a tight fresh finish. A focused melange of stone fruit, citrus, mineral and spice with a precise and refreshing finish.
49% Grenache Blanc, 43% Chenin Blanc, 8% Roussanne
Alc: 13.5  RS: 3.1  pH: 3.48  TA: 5.7
White •
A rich textured wine which will pair well with Sunday roast pork with all of the trimmings, fish like kingklip, halibut or turbot, prawn risotto or even a rich festive biriyani.

R 1270 for 6 bottles

R212 per bottle
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Piekenierskloof Grenache Blanc 2017

A wine with fresh citrus aromas with lots of green apple and a herbaceous finish. The wine has a fresh but full and smooth mouth feel with a crisp finish.
100% Grenache Blanc
Alc: 13.00  RS: 1.90  pH: 3.44  TA: 5.80
White • Dry • Fruity •
Exceptional with shellfish, vegetarian dishes containing aubergine, leeks and peppers, salads with a light vinaigrette or tangy mayonnaise, oysters, asparagus with hollandaise and soft cheeses. Serve between 7 - 9 0C for best results.

R 641 for 6 bottles

R107 per bottle
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Piekenierskloof Grenache Rose 2018

This unique Rosé was carefully crafted with abundance of succulent strawberry, luscious cherry and raspberry flavours with subtle rose petal undertones that forms a surprisingly delicious experience.
100% Grenache
Alc: 12.50  RS: 2.7  pH: 3.2  TA: 5.5
Rose • Dry • Fruity •
The best dishes to pair with are salads, light pasta and rice dishes, especially with seafood (sushi, lightly cooked shellfish, grilled fish) and goats’ cheeses. Perfect hot weather drinking Rosé. Serve between 7 – 9 0C for best results.

R 605 for 6 bottles

R101 per bottle
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Piekenierskloof Heirloom Red 2016

Showing beautiful sour cherries, ripe currants, aniseed with notes of white pepper, vanilla pod, forest floor and tea leaf. Complex, medium bodied and layered blend with smooth well integrated tannin structure. Well rounded with a long elegant finish on aftertaste.
45% Grenache, 45% Shiraz, 5% Mourvedre, 5% Tannat
Alc: 14.0  RS: 2.5  pH: 3.54  TA: 5.5
Red • Dry • Medium • Herbaceous •
One could drink the Heirloom Red with practically anything from charcuterie to cheese - roast chicken, pork belly, lamb meatballs, garlicky sausages, grilled lamb and even turkey. Serve between 16 - 18 0C for best results.

R 1250 for 6 bottles

R208 per bottle
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Rickety Bridge The Foundation Stone Rose 2019

A dry traditional style Rosé with very low Residual Sugar. Sour red cherries and strawberries intermingled with Turkish Delight and a touch of spice leave you with a fresh creamy mouthfeel. A fresh palate showing a perfect balance between acidity and sweetness.
52% Shiraz, 25% Grenache Noir, 17% Mourvèdre, 5% Viognier
Alc: 13%  RS: 2.3  pH: 3.29  TA: 5.6
Rose • Dry •
Best enjoyed on its own or with picnics, summer salads, sushi, prawns and smoked salmon.

R 600 for 6 bottles

R100 per bottle
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The Gypsy 2015

A very concentrated, focused blend with layers of deep fruit. The character is expectedly somewhat  “wild” a little brambly with hints of nutmeg, cinnamon, dark spices, with vanilla scents and a distinct, concentrated red-fruit focus. Great for laying down and keeping for at least ten years but already rewarding if allowed to breathe in a decanter.
65% Grenache, 35% Syrah
Alc: 14.5  RS: 2.1  pH: 3.61  TA: 5.3
Red • Dry • Full • Fruity •
Deliciously matched with risotto, sensuously truffled pasta. Ideal for flavour some grills, lamb and beef.

R 3378 for 6 bottles

R563 per bottle
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Vriesenhof Grenache 2015 (Magnum)

Beautiful aromatics of raspberry and strawberries with a slight savoury note. On the palate the wine displays characteristics of sweet maraschino cherries and blueberries with white pepper on the finish.
Grenache (100%) from Piekenierskloof
Alc: 13.7  RS: 1.9  pH: 3.6  TA: 5.4  SO2: 110  FSO2: 32
Red • Dry • Full • Fruity •
Pork belly and lamb. Both savoury and sweet elements can be used in the food

R 930 for 1 item

R930 per bottle
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Vriesenhof Grenache 2017

Bright fruit with strong aromas of cherries and raspberries, a good structure with white pepper and strawberries on the mid-palate and a lingering savouriness on the finish
100% Grenache
Alc: 13.63  RS: 2.2  pH: 3.53  TA: 5.6
Red • Dry • Medium • Fruity •
For food pairing it works well with pork belly and lamb. Both savoury and sweet elements can be used in the food.

R 2447 for 6 bottles

R408 per bottle
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Vriesenhof GSM 2017

The wine shows rich aromas of strawberries and blue berries with a deeper dark fruit component on the mid-palate, with cherries and white pepper on the finish.
Grenache (50%), Shiraz (34%) and Mourvedre (16%).
Alc: 14.11  RS: 2.9  pH: 3.57  TA: 5.7  SO2: 67  FSO2: 30
Red • Dry • Medium • Fruity •
Pizza, pastas and Mediterranean style dishes

R 702 for 6 bottles

R117 per bottle
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Waterford Estate Grenache Noir 2017

Pristine red cherry and exotic fruits, with touches of earthy clove spice. The palate has earthy, savory flavours along with delicate dry tannins and a soft freshness to carry the fruit. Pairs very well with local venison complimented with elements of bacon, cloves and a stewed fruit chutney.
100% Grenache Noir
Alc: 14.05  RS: 1.0  pH: 3.67  TA: 4.2
Red • Full •
Pairs well with lean red meats such as venision as well as a variety of earthy components.

R 2013 for 6 bottles

R336 per bottle
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Waverley Hills Grenache Noir 2017

Grenache is the most widely planted red grape variety in the world and some of the best wines in the world have some Grenache in it. SIngle varietal Grenache wines are hoewer hard to find. A bright red colour invites you to this medium bodied and easy drinking style of wine. Flavours of watermelon, red apples, apricots and white spices are integrated to give this wine a fresh complexity. ...
87% Granache Noir, 8% Shiraz, 3% Mourvedre, 2% Viognier
Alc: 14.43  RS: 2.3  pH: 3.62  TA: 5.9
Red • Dry • Medium • Fruity •
Enjoy with cold meats, fresh bread and duck. It can also be enjoyed with seafood dishes like paella, tuna or crayfish.

R 977 for 6 bottles

R163 per bottle
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