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"Strings of dainty pearls in liquid gold". Made in the traditional French method of allowing a second fermentation to take place in the bottle. The Extended period on lees, allowed time to add to the creamy complexity of this sparkling wine. It resulted in a bouquet of baked brioche, apples with fresh lemon and grapefruit aromas, enticing your senses. A vibrant sparkling wine with ...
100% Chardonnay
Alc: 12.5  RS: 5.7  pH: 3.4  TA: 7.3
Cap_Classique • Dry • Full • Fruity •
This Blanc de Blancs is to be savoured on any memorable occasion.

R 1324 for 6 bottles

R221 per bottle
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Colour: Lime greenNose: Aromas of orange blossom, pineapples, citrus and yellow peachesTaste: Mouth filling with minerality peaches, winter melon, kiwi fruit that ends with a sweet sensation
100% Chardonnay
Alc: 13.87  RS: 2.30  pH: 3.40  TA: 6.10
White • Dry • Soft • Fruity •
Serve with Chinese-style deep-fried pork, macaroni and cheese, nut-crusted chicken, prawns served with cashews and selection of button, shiitake and oyster mushrooms fried with butter, garlic and onion.

R 483 for 6 bottles

R80 per bottle
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Colour: Deep ruby redNose: Hints of leather, with plums and prunes in combination with sweet, ripe reds fruit, black pepper and oriental spice.Taste: Concentration of ripe plum and rich red fruit with hints of black pepper and sweet spice. Soft and elegant tannins on the palate with a mouth-watering finish.
100% Shiraz
Alc: 14.17  RS: 2.84  pH: 3.58  TA: 5.84
Red • Dry • Full • Fruity •
This wine is perfectly paired with exotically seasoned dishes such as Japanese teriyaki and tender Moroccan lamb or roast venison, beef and lamb with chocolate-chili sauce.

R 569 for 6 bottles

R95 per bottle
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A premium wine in the Cederberg range, only 5 200 bottles produced every year. The 18 months of maturation in new French oak has intensified the rich aromas of blackcurrant and cassis, layered with decadent dark chocolate and cherry tobacco. A velvety texture that lingers on the palate with a distinct blackcurrant aftertaste. A ripe tannin structure from the grapes hanging up to ...
100% Cabernet Sauvignon
Alc: 14.5  RS: 3.5  pH: 3.6  TA: 6.4
Red • Dry • Full • Fragrant •

R 3493 for 6 bottles

R582 per bottle
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Colour: Brilliant with green tinges.Bouquet: Passion fruit and lime aromas with hints of floral and citrus notes. Palate: A refreshing, medium-bodied wine with fresh tropical fruit flavours and a pleasant finish.
100% Sauvignon Blanc
Alc: 12.09  RS: 4.51  pH: 3.26  TA: 6.34
White • Dry • Medium • Fruity •
Excellent served with light meals, seafood and salads.

R 435 for 6 bottles

R72 per bottle
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The wine has an attractive purple red colour with red and black berry aromatics, wild berries and cassis. Generous with soft texture and fine grained tannins. Flavours of black berry and dark cherry.
60% Shiraz, 25% Cinsaut 15% Grenache
Alc: 14.5  RS: 2.3  pH: 3.55  TA: 5.4
Red • Dry • Medium •

R 1997 for 6 bottles

R333 per bottle
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